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About Paula
Paula Hollings

I have taught Alexander Technique for 30 years in diverse parts of the world, trained in Sweden as a Kundalini Yoga Therapist in 2008, and a Kundalini Yoga Instructor in the UK in 2009. More recently I trained as an acupuncturist at the International College of Oriental Medicine, Sussex. I practice in north London, N19, at the convergence of Tufnell Park, Upper Holloway and Archway, and also Forest Hill, SE23, using a complementary blend of Acupuncture, Alexander Technique and Kundalini Yoga to help people discover a healthier, happier, better balanced way of life.

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To arrange an introductory lesson and find out for yourself how transformative the Alexander Technique can be or to learn more about the added benefits of Kundalini Yoga Therapy, give me a call or email me using the form below.

Tel: 020 7272 4074
Mobile: 07986 903 845
email: paula@bringbackbalance.co.uk

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What is Alexander Technique?

Alexandra Technique

Alexander Technique works by releasing tension and freeing up habitual poor posture which is so often the root cause of pain and stress. Much of our lives are spent hunched over computers, crammed into cars, buses, trains, often stressed out, charging around in a semi-conscious daze. Small wonder that repetitive strain injury (RSI), back, neck and shoulder pain are dramatically on the increase. By awakening you to the unconscious habits you have acquired in the way you sit, stand and move, the Alexander Technique teacher gently helps to release unwanted tension, and re-establishes your balance, co-ordination and easy freedom of movement, in a seemingly effortless way.

At the core of the technique is a re-awakening of the natural delicately balanced mechanism of the head, neck and back. We all had this finely tuned balance when we first started to walk, but most of us have since lost it, for a number of reasons, such as anxiety and pressure to succeed in school, copying our parents’ poor posture, badly designed chairs and desks, computers, stress in the workplace, and generally feeling weighed down by life’s demands.

After a course of Alexander lessons, you will begin to develop the awareness to help prevent the build up of habitual tension underlying many recurring pains and injuries. A sense of feeling lighter, taller, more relaxed and more fully engaged with life is usually experienced. Breathing expands more fully and easily, movement becomes freer and more enjoyable, mind and body become more integrated, bringing you back to balance.

What can it help?

The benefits of Alexander Technique are many and varied, but some of the main things it can help with are: back pain, shoulder and neck pain, stress reduction, emotional well-being - psychological uplift and lightness of being, breathing difficulties such as asthma, voice – spoken and singing, performance – actors/musicians/dancers, presentations – overcoming nerves and confidence building.


Lessons are usually given one-to-one and are tailored to your individual needs. As an Alexander Teacher I work using my hands, in combination with spoken explanations, to help you gently become aware of all the areas of unnecessary tension you are holding. During a lesson you will be guided through a range of typical everyday activities (for instance, sitting, standing, walking), helping you to discover a lighter, freer and better balanced way of using your body with each action. You will see just how much your thoughts and feelings govern you physically, and how interconnected the mind and body truly are.

You will also notice your breathing begin to change, as you start to see how much we tend to hold our breath, especially when tense. As you learn how to free your rib cage and allow your lungs to expand to their full capacity, you will rediscover how effortless and free our natural breathing can be, ebbing and flowing, the breath of life.

You do not need to wear special clothes for a lesson, other than to ensure that they allow you to bend and move without restriction.

A typical lesson lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour. To book an introductory lesson or if you have questions you would like to ask, then please call me, Paula Hollings on;

0207 272 5304 or 07986 903845

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