About Paula Hollings

About Paula
Paula Hollings

I have taught Alexander Technique for 30 years in diverse parts of the world, trained in Sweden as a Kundalini Yoga Therapist in 2008, and a Kundalini Yoga Instructor in the UK in 2009. More recently I trained as an acupuncturist at the International College of Oriental Medicine, Sussex. I practice in north London, N19, at the convergence of Tufnell Park, Upper Holloway and Archway, and also Forest Hill, SE23, using a complementary blend of Acupuncture, Alexander Technique and Kundalini Yoga to help people discover a healthier, happier, better balanced way of life.

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To arrange an introductory lesson and find out for yourself how transformative the Alexander Technique can be or to learn more about the added benefits of Kundalini Yoga Therapy, give me a call or email me using the form below.

Tel: 020 7272 4074
Mobile: 07986 903 845
email: paula@bringbackbalance.co.uk

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Alexander Technique

Paula performing Alexander Technique

What is the Alexander technique?

Alexander Technique works by releasing tension and freeing up habitual poor posture which is so often the root cause of pain and stress.

After a course of Alexander lessons, you will begin to develop the awareness to help prevent the build up of habitual tension underlying many recurring pains and injuries.

Kundalini Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Kundalini Yoga Therapy is a one to one therapy using the individual constituents of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, together with Chinese Medicine diagnostics and Ayurvedic principles, to create a powerful healing regime to treat your specific condition and individual circumstances. Headaches and migraines, chronic pain, stress and depression are just some of the conditions Yoga Therapy can heal

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Youg Theraphy Kundalini Yoga

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness, is an ancient technology which has the power to transform by unlocking the door to the unlimited creative potential within us all. On a physical level it strengthens and re-balances the nervous and glandular systems, and releases stress from the body. It is equally beneficial for beginners and advanced yogic practitioners alike.

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